CPR and First Aid Certified Kayak Tour Guides

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Kayaking Safety

At Central Florida Kayaking, we have CPR and first-aid-certified kayak tour guides because your safety is our number one priority. In addition to being CPR and first-aid-certified, our guides have been trained in water rescue techniques. Although it is rare, a kayak can capsize, so having a kayak tour guide trained in water rescue is essential in such a scenario.

Kayak Safety Questions

I Have a Question: Dan asked, “what do you do if your kayak capsizes?”

Cameron’s Answer: It is unlikely your kayak will capsize during a tour. However, if it does, your guide will employ a water rescue technique like the assisted T-rescue and flip your kayak upright on top of theirs, allowing you to safely reenter.

Flipped Kayak Rescue Technique

Assisted T-Rescue Flipped Kayak Rescue Technique

First Aid and CPR Certified

Our kayak tour guides are first aid and CPR certified to ensure your safety. If you have any difficulty during your trip, signal your tour guide, they are trained to help in various emergency and water rescue scenarios.

CPR and First Aid Training

CPR and First Aid Training

Inform Your Guide of Any Health Conditions

If you have a health condition you believe could be an issue, inform your guide before your kayak tour. They may have recommendations to help ensure your safety and provide peace of mind during your kayak tour.

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