Bioluminescence Kayak Tours Near Orlando

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours

Bioluminescence is best during the warm summer months from June to August, which is why these tours are always fully booked in the summer. If you are interested in joining us on a bioluminescence kayaking please book well in advance to ensure availability.


Are You Ready for a Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour?

  1. Before you come, prepare water, snacks, a camera, and insect repellant.
  2. Get fitted for a life jacket and go over tour safety.
  3. Your guide will go over the kayak tour route with you.
Bioluminescent Algae in the Indian River Lagoon

Bioluminescent Algae Glowing When the Water in the Indian River Lagoon is Disturbed by a Kayak Paddle

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is the biochemical emission of light by living organisms, and on a kayak tour, you will different types of bioluminescence, such as dinoflagellates and comb jellies. Dinoflagellates are plankton, tiny marine organisms that sometimes cause the waters of the Indian River Lagoon and Banana River to glow when disturbed by fish, other marine life, a kayak paddle, the wake of a boat, or even small waves driven by the wind.

Why Are Some Marine Creatures Bioluminescent?

It is not entirely clear why some marine organisms such as dinoflagellates have evolved to produce bioluminescent light, as the benefits are not fully understood. However, one thing is clear, it is a beautiful sight to behold.

Bioluminescent Kayak Tours Cocoa Beach Florida

Bioluminescent Kayak Tours Cocoa Beach Florida

A Bioluminescent Wave

Here you see a bioluminescent wave driven by the wind on the Indian River Lagoon. Some nights the bioluminescence is so good that the slightest movement will create a very bright event, like a small wave or small fish moving through the water. You can also see a trailing glow from the front of your kayak, those near you, and a bright glow created by your paddle.

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